Cool Homemade Purple VW Bug Birthday Cake

When I made the sponges I had 1 rectangular sheet and 1 round cake…..OK, here goes. So I creamed the rectangular sheet cake and placed on the board, and cut the round cake in half, now I had these 2 cakes just sitting there. Where do I go from here I asked myself? My idea was a VW Beetle car, more rounded than square, so I began by placing the one half of the round cake on top of the rectangular cake so I had the basis of a rounded top car.

Then the adventure began….carving, as the top of it was quite rounded anyway, I just needed to get the proportion right. I slightly carved the top so it wasn’t as rounded and carved the bottom so that it was the same size, then used circle cutters to make indentations for the wheels. I then creamed the entire cake ready for the fondant. I decided to go for a purple, so I mixed the fondant to get the correct shade.

Now covering the cake without the fondant cracking or tearing. Surprisingly when I took the cake from the fridge and rolled out the fondant draped it over the cake it didn’t go that badly. I quickly smoothed it all over to get the shape, then began putting all the parts I had made earlier onto it. I used fondant for the wheels cut with circular cutters mixed with a little tylose to harden it quicker (as I previously tried fondant covered cake wheels and they turned to mush!) All the parts were made from fondant so I stuck them all on.

I was quite pleased with how it came out for my first vehicle cake, although there are a few things I would do differently if I ever had a challenge like this again. I finished it by brushing vodka all over the cake to give it a shine. This was for an 18th birthday, the person wanted a VW Beetle car for her birthday but her parents couldn’t afford one so she had a mini one instead and it was edible!!!