I was asked to make a Hunger Games cake for a friend. I did tons of research and decided on just replicating the book. But in much larger scale. I was really worried about making the Mockingjay pin that goes on the front because that is a lot of sculpting, which I don’t really do.  But I did it a small piece at a time and it ended up looking pretty good.

I cut all of the lettering out by hand also. The cake is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. And I covered it with my marshmallow fondant. I really love how it turned out! And she did too!  It is one of those cakes that I stressed and stressed about, but ended up being one of my favorites! The picture of the birthday girl holding the cake shows how big the “book” is.  But it was taken after she blew out the candles so there are little holes all over the top where they had been.