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Cool Tree House Cake for the Kid in All of Us

I will admit that when I got the request for this tree house cake, I was more than a bit nervous. I decorate cakes. I am not a contractor, but I knew I would have to construct a good foundation for this to work.

  • I took two pieces of wood for the base of each cake and connected them with a thick wooden dowel.
  • I used a 10″ cake for the bottom and two 6″ cakes for the actual house.
  • I covered the dowel with rice crispy treats to get the shape of the tree and then covered that with fondant.

The scariest part of the entire cake was the delivery. I was a nervous wreck holding this cake and basically yelling at the driver for going over 15 mph. That said, the satisfaction of walking into the party with this cake was the most rewarding part. Seeing everyone’s faces and comments was more than I could ask for.

This was probably one of my most difficult cakes to construct, but also one I am most proud of!