This was my second attempt at a cake with fondant. I had so much fun making the custom belt. The buttercream is homemade and the WWE logo is hand painted on the mat. He was so happy that no one wanted to cut the cake.

I made yellow cake and homemade buttercream. I made the belt with fondant, sugar, water, and edible silver beads. The turnbuckles are fondant on a stick to help make it sturdy. I hand painted the WWE logo on fondant for the  wrestling mat.

I had made ropes with red fondant, but had a hard time getting them to work. So I used string instead. I really didn’t want to do that. I have a lot to learn still, but I had fun making it and my friend’s son was so happy (that meant the most). No one wanted to cut the cake. Eventually we did and it tasted really good too.