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Nathan’s WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

This WWE wrestling ring cake was made for my grandson Nathan’s birthday. I have 5 grandchildren and each year they ask for their very own special cake. This year Nathan asked for a WWE wrestling cake. At first I panicked  because I had never made one before.

WWE Wrestling Ring Cake Instructions

  • I started with a square cake pan and baked two cakes both the same size.
  • I placed cream icing between the two cakes.
  • I added grey coloring to the icing and continued to ice the entire cake.
  • I wanted the base of the cake to appear as if it had a skirt or curtain of black, but had no idea how I would do this. I pondered it for awhile and then decided to ice it it in wavy strips. It seemed like it took forever.
  • When I finished it, I sprayed it with black food color.It became very shiny and showed the waves.
  • I trimmed the base in red.
  • I cut 4 wooden rods for the corner posts and then sprayed them with black food color also.
  • I wanted to use the long string red licorice for the ropes. I went to 6 different stores looking for it. My husband thought I was crazy. He said he had never heard of it. I ended up using ribbon rope.
  • I piped the W on the top of the cake with white icing and then added the characters.
  • For a final touch, I placed his candles in the hands of the wrestlers.

Voila! The look on my grandson/s face was priceless. He said I was the best cake maker ever.

Nathan's WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

Nathan's WWE Wrestling Ring Cake