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Cool Homemade WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

I made this WWE Wrestling Ring Cake for my 10 year old cousin’s birthday because he is a huge WWE wrestling fan.

I made the cake by baking two chocolate cakes using a Wilton 10″ square cake pan. After baking each cake I stored them in the freezer over night before stacking and crumb coating the cakes with butter cream frosting. Freezing the cakes helps to reduce the amount of crumbs when frosting, and it works very well.

I decorated the cake using Wilton frosting coloring and butter cream icing with the star piping technique. To make the ropes of the ring I used large tootsie rolls and attached Twizzlers to them using royal icing, then I covered the tootsie rolls with red butter cream. I stenciled in the WWE logo and added a few toy wrestlers inside the ring.

The little boy at the party loved it!

Homemade  WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

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