Cool WWE Belt Cake

Cool WWE Belt Cake

This belt cake took alot of detail and thought as the lady gave me the picture of what to copy that was unedible and I had to work out the best way to make it look good with it being all edible. I love my effort lol and I love what I do! All my cakes … Read more

Cool Two Tier WWE Ring Cake

Cool Two Tier WWE Ring Cake

This was my second attempt at a cake with fondant. I had so much fun making the custom belt. The buttercream is homemade and the WWE logo is hand painted on the mat. He was so happy that no one wanted to cut the cake. I made yellow cake and homemade buttercream. I made the … Read more

Nathan’s WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

Nathan's WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

This WWE wrestling ring cake was made for my grandson Nathan’s birthday. I have 5 grandchildren and each year they ask for their very own special cake. This year Nathan asked for a WWE wrestling cake. At first I panicked  because I had never made one before. WWE Wrestling Ring Cake Instructions I started with a … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Ring Birthday Cake

Coolest Wrestling Ring Birthday Cake

My niece asked me to make a wrestling ring birthday cake for a friend of her’s 30th birthday. I started by baking an 8″ 3 layer square vanilla sponge cake. When cooled I filled with jam and butter cream and then covered in butter cream and chilled in the freezer for 20 minutes. When chilled … Read more

Cool WWE Wrestling Cake made with Buttercream Icing

Cool WWE Wrestling Cake made with Buttercream Icing

This WWE Wrestling Cake made with butter cream icing was made with Pillsbury white cake mix in a sheet cake pan ( 2 mixes) and a 9×9 pan (1 mix). Home made butter cream icing with black dye.  Then my son’s wrestling toys went on top.  To hold the posts I used dowel rods through both layers of cake. The middle was a Wilton’s sugar sheet cut in … Read more

Cool Homemade Wrestling Belt Cake

Coolest Wrestling Belt Cake

This is the Wrestling Belt cake I made. First bake two cakes in square pans. I let them cool completely then shaped middle of belt with one cake and shaped the other for the two sides of the belt. Cut cake in half, fill with icing and put together using icing to hold in order, … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake

This WWE Wrestling birthday cake was made for a friend whose husband is totally into professional wrestling! Like many of you, I don’t really like using fondant because it doesn’t taste great, but I did use some on this cake. The black is frosted with regular frosting, and the emblems are fondant. There’s plenty of … Read more

Coolest Steel Cage Wrestling Cake

Homemade Steel Cage Wrestling Cake

This Homemade Steel Cage Wrestling Cake was made for a dear friend of the family. She asked simply for a WWE wrestling cake. I can say with all honesty-I don’t do easy. I am fourteen and have made dozens of cakes in the past. I thought “if it is going to be a wrestling ring … Read more

Coolest WWE Logo Cake

Homemade WWE Logo Cake

This is a WWE Logo Cake. My son is really into this show this year, so for his 9th birthday, this is what I made for him. He and his friends loved it. This cake is two larger sized round cakes stacked on top of each other. Any size cake pans will work, just adjust … Read more

Coolest WWE Raw Birthday Cake

Coolest WWE Raw Birthday Cake

Well, let me begin by saying that planning this specific party for my daughter was one of the most fun party themes I’ve done. My daughter is crazy about WWE and she loves John Cena. When she said that she wanted a special cake I told her I would try my best. I’ve always made … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I made this WWE Birthday cake for my nephew’s 8th birthday. He is an avid WWE fan and wished for 3 things on his birthday cake – the championship belt, the wrestling ring and his WWE toys. I incorporated my nephew’s wishes with the cake ideas that I got from viewing a lot of WWE … Read more

Cool Homemade WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

Homemade  WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

I made this WWE Wrestling Ring Cake for my 10 year old cousin’s birthday because he is a huge WWE wrestling fan. I made the cake by baking two chocolate cakes using a Wilton 10″ square cake pan. After baking each cake I stored them in the freezer over night before stacking and crumb coating … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

My mom and sister made this WWE Birthday Cake for me for my 16th birthday. I’m a HUGE WWE’er. I love it. I hope to be holding the real version of this someday. They made a 9×13, a 9″ round, and an 8×8 square cakes. The 9″ round made the center of the belt. We … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 0

My son is a fan of WWE and I could not find anyone to make him this cake that he wanted for his birthday. My husband and I came up with a plan after seeing other wrestling cakes on this site. It took about four hours to make it look like what he wanted. My … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake

This WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake is my first time making figures and I was so nervous and made a lot of mistakes but that makes it unique I guess. But I made my own fondant for the cake but bought and colored fondant for the figures. I went on line and downloaded photos. I looked … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 1

Wrestling cakes? Oh my, yes I can do a wrestling belt! Thank goodness for gold dusting powder! The cake is a 12″ square cake double layer frosted with traditional buttercream. I then took 2″x5″ sections of an 8″x8″ cake I had made and frosted them to the bottom sides so that the belt could “lay” … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I used two layer cakes and made black frosting for the ring and red for the writing of this WWE Birthday cake. I used my son’s ring and rope from his set for the ring. I used his ladder and chairs and wrestlers. I put his two favorite inside and the other two out. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 2

I made three square wrestling cakes, froze them (less crumbs when cutting and carving), cut to desired size, frosted each cake and stacked covered with a homemade fondant you can find the recipe here. It tastes really good, its sweet (store bought fondant has a really unpleasant taste). I tinted the fondant with Wiltons paste … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Wrestling Birthday Cake for my nephew Brent for his 15th Birthday. It is not the best picture, but he loved it. I made a large sheet cake and cut it in half and made it into a square. I then covered it in fondant. I used red spay and black butter … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wrestling Cakes 4

This birthday cake is covered in colored frosting and the sides were pieces of “wafer paper” and non-toxic pens. The wafer paper is just thin wafer stuff. You can draw anything on it, trim it and then with a spray bottle mist the area for it to stick. Skures were used for the edges and … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Ring Cake

Homemade Wrestling Ring Cake

I made this wrestling ring cake for my grandson’s 7th birthday. He has loved playing with wrestlers since he was about 2 yrs old. I stacked the cake three layers high and took left over cake to build the steps. I used chocolate covered pretzel rods for the poles, Twizzlers pull n peel licorice for … Read more

Coolest Ryan James Wrestling Cake

Homemade Ryan James Wrestling Cake

I made this Ryan James Wrestling Cake for my nephew who was nine this year. He loves the wrestling so thought he would love this cake. I baked the large round cake and then cooked a large square one too and then cut the square cake into shape the sides of the belt. Both were … Read more

Wrestling Ring Cake

Wrestling Cake

To create this wrestling ring cake, I made a 4 layer cake, with a pineapple cream cheese and custard mixture in-between each layer. I used buttercream to coat. Large Marshmallow and mini marshmallows dipped in chocolate and held together by a skewer and toothpicks are the sides of the ring. I used Twizzler rope for … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Rey Mysterio Cake

Homemade Wrestling Rey Mysterio Cake

I was asked by a friend, to make a homemade Wrestling Rey Mysterio cake for his son’s 9th birthday. My mum did a cake decorating course when I was a kid and I remember watching her work with icing and have been interested ever since and have dabbled in cake-making for friends and family. I … Read more