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Cool Volcano and Jurassic Scene Cake

I started this volcano and jurassic scene cake by making 2 9×13 inch cakes. I then let them cool for a couple hours before I began cutting out the river about an inch deep and it went through the whole cake.

I then put white frosting in the river in a thin layer so I did not have to use as much as the blue and to make it look like it was fast running water. I then let the white frosting dry completly if you do not than you can mess up the look of the water. Than I use blue frosting over the white frosting. I then that that dry and use a blue glitter for cakes on water to make it look more real. Next I use green frosting on the rest of the cake. I then made  rice crispys  and molded it around a cup that I frosted with chocolate frosting first to make the rice crispy stick .

I then put the valcano in frige for about 20 mins to harded. I then frosted the out side of valcano with chocolate frosting and rolled it in crushed oreos I then used red and orange forsting to make it look like it was exploding. I then went to the store and bought toy dinosaurs and tress. I placed them all around the cake. I got dinosaur candles to match the theme. I got candy writing to spell out happy 5th birthday craig and make the balloons. the hardest part of cake was the valcano if I left it out of the frige to long then the volcano would start falling apart so I would say to put the valcano on last before you take the cake out to eat. other than that the cake was really easy. I did a test run about a month before my sons party to make sure it would come out great and it did.

Cool Volcano and Jurassic Scene Cake

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