I made this 1st Birthday Cake from the “Hugs and Stitches” pattern from my daughter’s first birthday plates and napkins.

The base is 2- 8″ rounds and the top is a 6″ round. I covered the bottom in pink fondant and then made the butterflies and flowers from fondant. Then the top I divided into three sections of color just like on the plate. At first I couldn’t get the three sections to be seamless, but then saw that a little bit of the white buttercream coming through each seam looked kind of nice, so I left them.

I added the 1st, the flowers and butterflies- all made from fondant. For the top of the 8″ round, I drew cross stitch lines with liquid fondant to give the “gingham” look. However, next time I won’t make the flowers and butterflies to far in advance. They were too hard and I could manipulate them to curve to the cake edges without breaking. I had to do a lot of fixing to the butterflies.