For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I decided to make a cake in the shape of “1” and added block letters on the top of the cake that spelled her name “Ruth.”

To do this, I baked 2 9×13 cakes, let them cool, froze them. After I took out the cakes from the freezer, I cut out the “1” pattern by putting the 2 cakes side by side. I then cut 4 square pieces for the blocks from the leftover cake. I frosted the whole cake white, and I frosted the blocks onto the top of the cake with pink and purple.

I froze the cake. After taking the cake out, I smoothed the frosting with a paper towel, added the color around the blocks, and then I used the star tip pattern around the top outline and bottom outline of the cake in pink and purple. After I froze the cake again, I added sprinkles the day of her party. It was a hit and fed 20 people.