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Coolest Quilted Pearl Baby Shower Cake

I made this Quilted Pearl Baby Shower Cake for a friend’s baby shower that had a more grown up theme. I baked a 12 inch square cake and once cooled, covered the cake in buttercream icing. I used rolled white fondant and covered the entire cake.

I bought a Wilton fondant tool and used a ruler to make the quilted stitches. I purchased the edible candy pearls and using a very small dab of buttercream icing, I placed a pearl at each stitch crossing. A couple weeks prior to making this cake, I melted down the Wilton candy melts and used the coloring gels to make hot pink candy, green candy and black candy.

I also used the molding candy recipe on Wilton.com and after the candy set over night, I sculpted the booties. The hardest part was trying to get them to look identical. I had to redo them a few times. I then rolled out the black candy and used different size flower cookie cutters and cut out the flowers. I gently turned up the petals and placed the flowers on a cookie sheet. After the flowers were finished, I did the same process with the green candy except I used different size leaf cutters.

I placed the booties, flowers and leaves in the fridge and left them there until I put them on the cake. I used buttercream icing to place the flowers and leaves on the cake. Before putting the flowers in the fridge, I went ahead and placed the stems in them. The stems also helped the flowers to stay in place on the cake.

This is one of my favorite cakes I have made.

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