Stunning Homemade 1st Birthday Cake with Flowers

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake

This 1st birthday cake was done for a one year old who loves flowers and butterflies. I had done this little girl’s baby shower cake before she was born, so it was a labor of love. This is a two tiered 10″ and 5″ round butter cream chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling. … Read more

Awesome 1st Birthday Cake with Blue Teddy Bear

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake

I made the fruit cake using a traditional Christmas cake recipe weeks before my son’s birthday and kept adding brandy to the baked cake (intended for the adults!!)to keep it moist! I had another cake for the kids! I then covered it in warm apricot jam, allowed to cool then covered in marzipan. Leave for … Read more

Awesome Homemade Half and Half Birthday Christening Cake

half and half birthday christening cake

Here’s how I made this half and half birthday christening cake. I was asked to do a birthday cake for a 1 year old but to also make a christening cake. I asked for info on what Harry liked and was told he enjoys swimming, trains, ball pools and just toys in general. Well I … Read more

Last Minute Mickey Mouse Cake

Last Minute Mickey Mouse Cake

This last minute Mickey mouse cake is a 10 inch white cake frosted in homemade buttercream frosting. I made this for a friend that was doing some tile work for us. To make the number one, all I did was print a one picture off the internet. I cut out the number one, placed it on … Read more

Coolest Number 1 Birthday Cake with Smarties

Coolest Number 1 Birthday Cake with Smarties

I made this cake for my son’s first birthday cake. We all enjoyed it. It didn’t look perfect but you follow my steps you will see where I made the mistakes. I am positive my next smarties cake is going to be perfect. I always get excited when I make cakes and I run out … Read more

Coolest Number One 1st Birthday Cake

Coolest Number One 1st Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I decided to make a cake in the shape of “1” and added block letters on the top of the cake that spelled her name “Ruth.” To do this, I baked 2 9×13 cakes, let them cool, froze them. After I took out the cakes from the freezer, I cut … Read more

Coolest Number 1 with Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

Coolest Number 1 with Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

I love decorating cakes as a hobby. I was asked by a close friend to make a number one cake for her friend’s baby. This is how I made it: I started by making a grey bear out of half flower paste and half roll out icing. This hardens better and is easier to model … Read more

Cool Homemade Blue First Birthday Cake

Homemade  First Birthday Cake

I made this First Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday. It was Cookies ‘n Cream, with cream cheese frosting. One box of white cake mix and chopped Oreo cookies and 1 can of cream cheese frosting. Follow directions on box and then add chopped Oreo’s. I used a 9×13 inch pan. When it was … Read more

Coolest Baby’s 1st Birthday Princess Cake

Homemade Baby's 1st Birthday Princess Cake

I used a 9×13″ pan and cut it up 3 ways to form a number 1. I then used pink buttercream and smoothed it out over the whole cake. I then used a white shell border on top and white, lilac, and yellow drop flowers along the bottom with some leaves in there too. I … Read more

Coolest Cars 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade Cars 1st Birthday Cake

This Cars 1st Birthday Cake is made from a normal sponge cake with black and green fondant and little icing Lightning Mcquen cars. I spread butter icing over cake then rolled out the fondant and placed over the cake using royal icing to glue the cars and the stars. You must use food colouring to … Read more

Creative Cake Ideas and Photos for 1st Birthdays 10

For my sons first birthday, I wanted to make something for all the little kids that would be easy for them to eat and still a little different for every kid, I wanted a creative cake. So what I did was I made 92 cupcakes (his party was really big– plus I wanted leftovers!) and … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Cake 21

Homemade First Birthday Cake

I made this first birthday cake for my son, it was my first try at fondant and I made my own marshmallow fondant (from an online recipe,very easy!). I made two sheet cakes, cut the top in a “1” shape and covered with canned frosting and the fondant and made little fondant “pearls” for the … Read more