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Coolest Homemade Wooden 5th Anniversary Cake

I made this cake for my 5th Wedding Anniversary. The 5th Wedding Anniversary is often known as the “Wooden” Anniversary, and I wanted a cake to fit the theme. I thought a tree stump cake would be really cute and perfect! This is the first time I have tried to make a cake like this, I thought it turned out pretty well and I received many complements!

This homemade 5th anniversary cake was pretty easy to make, I used a Betty Crocker cake mix flavored ‘butter pecan’ because I love that flavor and I thought it sounded woodsy, but you can use any flavor. I made two 8″ round cakes. The brown icing was Duncan Hines Carmel instead of the traditional chocolate, and It was really yummy! The white was Betty Crocker buttercream.

Frost the top with white first, then the sides in brown. Use long strokes with a butter knife to make the ‘bark’ look, starting at the bottom and peaking it up around the edges at the top. Finish with piping brown rings on the top for the tree rings. You can then decorate with icing ivy or flowers if you like, and I used green tinted coconut for the grass around the bottom.

The Mushrooms are meringue mushrooms, you can find some good recipes on Google for them and they were also super easy to make. I glued them together with melted chocolate chips. I used our original wedding cake topper of 2 dragons for my cake, but it would also look really cute with a fairy couple topper or those cute figurines of animals as couples. Have fun!

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