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Coolest Anniversary Cake Design

This Anniversary Cake Design is one of my favorite cakes. I made this cake for a friend’s parents who were celebrating their anniversary. I am not sure which one but it was at least 25 years so it was definitely special to them and their daughters. My friend did not know what she wanted except that it had to use their original topper and be white with no flowers. Needless to say a plastic and fabric cake topper from the 70’s kept in the attic for a few years was not in the best shape. But I agreed and it turned out pretty good.

The first step was to clean up the topper. I used liquid laundry detergent and a sonic toothbrush to clean the fabric and the cracks of the topper. The plastic had yellowed as you can tell by the bells on top but it looked a hundred percent better. I used yellow cake and 3 inch tall round cake pans. The cake was a pretty good size because the topper was a lot bigger because of those bells. I used white butter cream and an offset spatula to ice the cake. I also used a textured paper towel to texture the cake even though you cannot see it in the photo. I learned the technique at a cake decorating class. You let the icing dry a few minutes then take a textured paper towel and lay it on the cake or hold it up to the cake for the sides. Then you lightly press and smooth the paper towel against the cake with the pads of your fingers. It makes a subtle but elegant pattern on your cake. Be careful though you may find yourself stealing interestingly textured paper towels from friends or complete strangers kitchens. I used some interesting ribbon around the middle of the top two cakes to break up the starkness of it. I also added some tooling with stars, heart beads, regular beads and silver ribbon hot glued to it.

The cake really looked good and they were very surprised we were able to use their original topper.

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