This was a Pineapple cake I made for friend’s that shared a birthday. We decided on a pineapple sort of as a joke because they are vegetarians. We baked several yellow cakes. I think 6 total.  Once they were cooled, we made a hole in the middle of each for our “structure”.  In between each layer was cream cheese frosting with pineapple chunks.  Yummy.

The leaves were made out of gum paste dried over a wire structure and painted with food coloring. This took several days because the gum paste was taking a long time to dry. Each little ‘nub’ on the pineapple is made out of meringue and dusted with cocoa powder for color. At last, it came time to add fondant and put all the pieces together.  Finally!

The worst part was getting the fondant to stay on. It was extremely hot that day and it all wanted to slide off. In the end I think it turned out very well.