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Coolest Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

Up to two years ago we bought our birthday cakes until one day my husband asked, why don’t we make our own cakes? I said, what? We don’t know anything about making a cake. He said with the help of the Internet we could get some pointers. So my husband and I started to research cake making on the Internet.

This Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake is our 4th birthday cake. As my son Alex who was celebrating his sixth birthday was crazy about dinosaurs we decided to make a cake based on this.

We tried different already made cake mixes and our favorite is Super Moist French Vanilla. The most difficult problem has been the sticking of the cake to the pan. If the cake sticks to the pan and breaks off there are ways of mending the mess. If the piece that stuck to the pan is salvageable glue on to the cake using icing. If you cannot save the piece that stuck to the pan – and it is not a huge piece – try to hide the imperfection with flowers, grass or embellish it with icing. As last resort you can use fondant to cover the mess.

We tried different non-stick grease and we finally found one that suits us. Lastly make sure that you grease the pan adequately.

This cake is made up of two rectangular cakes. For this we used an 18 by 12 cake pan. The waterfall was placed on top of a half of a circular cake. We simply baked a round cake using an 8-inch diameter pan, and then we cut it in half. We did not use the entire round cake because it took too much space from the dinosaur habitat.

We like to use Guava jelly as the filling between cakes. Guava jelly is not overly sweet and thus it gives a good contrast between sweet and sour – just a little hint of sour.

We made the entire cake except for the dinosaurs – we haven’t gotten to that stage yet – and the trees. We could have made the trees but we were pressed for time.

The rocks, the lake and the waterfall were made out of fondant. After they were made they were painted by using the appropriate colors. The most difficult of all was the waterfall. It was tricky for it had to have a dimension that was appropriate to the surroundings and the dinosaurs. You have to play around using your imagination to get it right. We used foam rubber as a mold then we covered it with fondant. After letting the fondant dry we had our waterfall.

After putting up the waterfall, we placed the trees, the rocks and the dinosaurs on the cake using different schemes.

We wanted to play a little joke so we put a cow drinking water. As we did not want to frighten any of the younger children we told the kids who asked that the cow was a friend of the dinosaurs. To the grownups who saw this as historically incorrect we told them that this was Jurassic Park. LOL

Making this cake was hard work but at the same time it was fun!

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

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  1. Hi there!1

    I have been asked to do a Dinosaur birthday cake and came across your cake…it looks amazing..
    But, the reason I am posting this comment is that I wish I could find Guava Jelly here in Cape Town…South Africa. I have heard so much about this Guava filling that it makes me quite jealous that I cannot find it here.


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