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Coolest Patriotic Flag Cake

I found this fabulous ‘flag’ cake idea on-line and then added my own special touches to make it a truly a unique cake that was raved about my everyone!!! The cake is made by baking 1 large blue cake (I used 14″ pan); 1 each smaller white and red cakes (10″ pans); and 1 each large white and red cakes (again 14″ pans).

Level all of your cakes, slice the large white and red cakes in half (you now have 4 layers of cake) and then using butter cream frosting between each layer, place one large red cake on the bottom topped by one large white cake and repeat. (*do not cut the blue cake in half)

Next, cut a 10″ circle out of the middle of your large blue cake. I usually cut it slightly smaller so that the following layers fit snuggly inside the blue ring you will be left with. Place the blue ‘ring’ on top of your large red and white layers and gently apply butter cream frosting to the inside of the ring. I usually have a lot of crumbs in my frosting on this inside portion but don’t worry…they won’t be visible in the completed cake!

Slice the smaller white and red cakes in half as previously done on the larger cakes. Place one small red cake inside the blue ring apply butter cream and then top with the final small white cake. You will discard the extra small cake slices as well as the blue circle you cut out.

Be sure your top ‘layer’ is level and then frost the entire cake with butter cream and decorate as you please! You will see that in one of my pictures I covered the cake in homemade fondant with fondant star accents and in the other I simply used piped on butter cream ‘stars’ and topped the cake with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Both option were a HUGE hit and the best part is when you slice into the cake, each slice looks like a “flag”. So cool!

Coolest Patriotic Flag Cake

Coolest Patriotic Flag Cake

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