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Coolest Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake with Cupcake Baseball

I was asked to make a Baseball Birthday Cake with a baseball theme. I got some information from the mom. She told me her son had been in the championship game for Little League. His team, the Wildthings had beaten the Rascals.

I got a picture of a baseball field and took it to my local market and had them make an icing image for me. I made an extra big cupcake and cut off the bottom and coated it with buttercream icing. I put it in the freezer to harden and then put the red accents on it.

I found a scoreboard on clip art and changed the names to Rascals and Wildthings. I also found a pennant on clip art and I made them with the names of the teams. I laminated the scoreboard and pennants. I put toothpicks on the scoreboard and lollipop sticks on the pennants. After I had the image on the top of the cake, I put Happy Birthday.

Next I put the baseball on top of the pitcher’s mound. (Before I put the image on the cake, I put two dowel rods in to hold up the baseball.) Next I used the grass tip and put grass around the bottom of the cake. I put green sprinkles on top of cake to simulate grass. I put the scoreboard and pennants on the cake and finished up with grass around the top of the cake. After the picture was taken, I added a couple of baseball players in the outfield.

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