Coolest Vegas Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a cake for my friend who has a birthday on Halloween. I have made her a Halloween cake before but this time I wanted to do something that was not going to be so predictable that tied in with the holiday. So I thought about her other interests and thought Vegas … Read more

Cute Homemade Sushi Cake

Homemade Sushi Cake

I was attending a Sushi party, so decided to make a sushi cake. I got so many tips and ideas from this web site. Thank-you! (Especially Patty L. Thanks!) I first baked two cakes in a cookie tray and then sandwiched them together with jam. I then made fondant for the first time and it … Read more

Coolest Abba Cake

Homemade Abba Cake

My friend was turning 40 and was having an ABBA party. I searched the internet for an Abba cake and got only a couple of ideas and then basically changed a few areas to suit us. I actually bought a half sheet cake, as I didn’t really want to spend the time with baking process. … Read more

Coolest Bath Cake

Reading In The Bath Cake

My friend always reads in the bath so thought it was apt for me to make her a bath cake, with that in mind. I first baked 2,9″x13″ rectangle cakes. When they were cool, I shaped the edges to appear like a bath. I used an already prepared vanilla frosting and added some almond flavour … Read more

Cool Homemade Slumber Party Cake

Homemade Slumber Party Cake

We made a 9×13 cake for this Slumber Party Cake. We then made fondant and dyed it purple. We covered the cake in apricot jam. We then molded 3 rice krispy treats to represent 3 children’s bodies. Then used the purple fondant to cover it almost all the way, as we left some space for … Read more

Coolest Graveyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Graveyard Birthday Cake

My friend shares her birthday with Halloween, so I decided to carry on with that theme and make her a graveyard birthday cake. I baked (I believe) a 10″ round x 2 and sandwiched them together using jam. I then iced them using regular chocolate frosting from a can on the top and orange around … Read more

Coolest Twilight Cake

Homemade Twilight Cake

I made a Twilight cake for a friend for her birthday as she is crazy for all the books and movie. We decided to use the cover of all four books, so measured the cake to divide by quarters, so we can use each 1/4 for each book cover. We then made some fondant. We … Read more

Simple Homemade Alice In Wonderland Cake

Homemade Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Cake

I was attending an Alice in Wonderland party, and wanted to make an Alice In Wonderland Cake for the occasion. I made 2 x 9″ round cakes, sandwiched them together with buttercream frosting. I cut the front end off, so it allowed enough room for the table and characters. I then carved a groove for … Read more

Coolest Racecar Track Cake

Homemade Racecar Track Cake

A friend enjoys everything cars, so I decided to make him a racecar track cake. He was turning 40. I first baked a chocolate box-cake mix on a cookie tray, so it was large but thin. (I would probably bake two of them next time and sandwich them together). I then cut out on paper … Read more