For my son’s 8th birthday I decided to make his favorite Angry-Birds! He loves to play the game with his great-grandfather on the iPad.  I made two sheet cakes, yellow and devils food. After icing, I used a store bought aerosol icing spray to tint the top green like grass. I then started constructing the main feature out of fondant.

I started with the four pigs, making sure to add some of the details from the actual game (mustache, crown, and helmet). I then made each bird, trying to keep them size proportional according to the game. Using the colored fondant was like playing with playdough and lots of fun. I waited to construct the cake until we arrived at the bowling alley.

The first picture shows the cake how I envisioned it…then the pieces fell down! So I moved the yellow angry bird over in front of the pile, and viola…it looked like the bird knocked it down on purpose! My son LOVED this cake! He was caught just staring at it a couple times during the party. I would definetly make this cake again.