My boys were obsessed with the new app Angry Birds. This was before anything was out in stores so I had to make everything on the cake myself. All the birds are hand made with homemade marshamllow fondant. I spent a week making the birds after my boys went to bed. I printed a picture of each bird so I had something to go by. This was the first time I ever made my own fondant or worked with for that matter. I learn as I go :)

I buillt the “wooden” structures out of chocolate covered cookies I found at my local grocery store and twix bars. I also found chocolates that looked like rocks as an added element. The sling shot is brown fondant and a fruit roll up.

Everyone LOVED the cake and hadn’t seen anything like it! I kept it hidden in our basement fridge until it was time so my boys were surprised as well! My favorite is the pig with the mustache, everyone said I modeled it after my husband,LOL It was time comsuming work but the looks on their faces was all worth it!