Coolest M&Ms Anti-Gravity Cake

This M&Ms anti-gravity cake was a practice run for me to see how it would turn out. To make the cake, I used a balloon stick with the plastic clip “glued” to the cake board with melted chocolate. I placed 3 pieces of floral wire in the upside down balloon stick and trimmed to length. I baked 2 – 9 inch round cakes, gently sliding them one at a time over the stick once they cooled. I filled the cake with vanilla buttercream one layer at a time.

Tip: Stick a piece of fondant or frosting in the opening of the stick to prevent cake bits from lodging in there.

After your cake is frosted and in place, bend the stick (gently) to the desired angle. I glued peanut M&Ms to the stick, but I would not recommend using them if this is your first time doing this. They are very heavy and I was literally standing in my refrigerator gluing the M&Ms on with chocolate while trying to get it to set as quickly as possible.

I also recommend using the chocolate wafers instead of chocolate chips as the glue. They seem to work better for me.

Start where the stick meets the cake and build up a few at a time, allowing a couple minutes in between for the chocolate to set. Once you reach the top or the bend, take an empty M&M bag (try not to eat all of them, you will need them for the cake) and glue it to the stick with melted chocolate.

I arranged the M&Ms as if they were spilling onto the cake and placed a few in the back so it wouldn’t look so bare.

The cake went to work with my husband after it was done. They loved it!

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