This Army Tank Cake is a classic white cake (doubling the recipe) made a couple days before decorating. The bottom portion on the tank is a 9×13 inch cake, and the turit is an 8×8 square pan. After placing the turit on the top, I cut about a 1/4 inch off of the two sides (these pieces will be used to make the mounds).

I made a classic buttercream frosting (doubling the recipe) then used Wilton coloring (green, brown, and black) for the camouflage on the tank. I started with the green frosting using the grass tip to give it a little texture. I didn’t use a uniform pattern, just went “with it” on the green frosting areas. The second color I used was brown, using the same “grass” tip I filled in a few areas that were not green leaving the rest of the undecorated areas for the black. The black areas were also decorated using the “grass” tip.

After decorating the main portion of the cake, I then used the cake that I cut off of the sides of the turit and used them for the mounds. To make them stick to the board I spread a little bit of unused frosting on the board and then stuck the pieces (after breaking them in half) on the frosting.

I followed this same procedure for the other two mounds. Using the “grass” tip I then decorated each mound with green frosting.

After all the frosting was finished, I then used half an Oreo cookie for each side of the tank making the wheels. To make the track I used individually wrapped Hershey bars, again on each side of the tank. For the big gun on the turit I used an Oreo stick. The men on the cake were just stuck down into the frosting.

This is for a 6 year-old, and he will love it.