Coolest Army Tank Cake

Coolest Army Tank Cake

The inspiration for this army tank cake began when my youngest grandson, Wyatt, asked for an ‘army guy cake’ for his birthday. The wheels started turning in my brain. OK, how can I made a cool Army Guy cake? I looked to Coolest Birthday Cakes for ideas, and saw a frosted tank. That gave me … Read more

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

My son wanted an army themed 8th birthday cake. For the base of the cake I used a 13×11 pan. I baked 2 of those and layered them for height, using vanilla. For the tank and hill I used Devil’s food cake, a baseball cake pan, an 8 inch square pan and a 9 inch … Read more

Coolest T 90 Tank Cake

Coolest  T 90 Tank Cake

Tanks are very important in our life!! How? I am an army officer’s wife, that too in armored!! so, life surely revolves in and around tank. Moved to a new place, and my friend requested for a tank cake for her son! Can’ts say no too, but absolutely no idea where will I get my … Read more

Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

I love to make my kids’ cakes and see how their eyes light up when they see the finished product. I generally gather several ideas from others that I’ve seen and shoot for simplicity and easy execution. I went for a tank birthday cake. Working up from the bottom, we layered a cereal box covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake

I got a request for a birthday cake shaped like an army tank. ¬†At first I wasn’t sure what type of tank I wanted to make, so I searched online to get an idea. The bottom part is a 2 layer 1/4 sheet and I used an 8″ square pan for the top part, which … Read more

Army Tank Cake

Brandon's Army Tank

My 6 year old son, Brandon, wanted to have an Army party. Originally, I was going to make a 9×13 inch cake with chocolate icing and simply sit army figures and small tanks all over it. The night before the party, I just happened to come across this website and decided that Brandon needed a … Read more

Easy Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake with American Flags

Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

I was determined to do this Army Tank Birthday Cake. Local bakeries wanted way too much money for this cake. I have never done anything like this, so I was very proud of myself. Not crafty at all! This cake was done with a large 12 x 15 on the bottom. The next layer was … Read more

Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Tank Birthday Cake

I made this Tank Birthday Cake from 2 packets of Devils Food cake mix and separated into a 9×13 glass dish and a 6×8 oval glass dish. Separately iced the 2 cakes with bottle green regal ice and stuck together with Betty Crocker frosting. I used Oreos for the wheels and cut up liquorice for … Read more

Sweet Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

This army tank birthday cake was for my 3 year old son, who is mad about soldiers. I used a loaf tin to make a thick sponge, and bought two large chocolate Swiss rolls. I cut the large Swiss rolls down so they were slightly longer than the middle sponge cake, covered the whole thing … Read more

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake Picture Gallery 2

This is an easy cake to make, apart from the icing! I used three rectangle trifle sponges. Jam two together and cut to the size of the base of the tank. Cut the 3rd sponge to the size of the top of the tank (I cut it in half, then a bit off the back). … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tank Cake Photos and Tips 10

I got the idea for this tank cake from this great site. My husband is a military history buff but he really wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday. So I made a layered ice-cream cake in a 9×13 inch pan lined with plastic wrap. When it was completely frozen I inverted it onto … Read more

Coolest Tank Cake

Tank Cake

After looking at some of the tank cakes on this site I thought I’d give it a try. Basic 9 x 13 bottom and a bread pan for the top. Used half the cake from the bread pan. Adding a touch of cocoa to green food coloring can give you the olive green army color. … Read more

Chocolate Homemade Army Tank Cake

Homemade Army Tank Cake

Thanks to all the wonderful ideas from this site, I was able to provide the army tank cake my son really wanted. We used a 9×13 cake pan and a loaf pan suggested by others who had done this. We mixed store bought chocolate icing with white icing to get the brown we wanted. We … Read more

Coolest Tank Cake

Homemade Tank Cake

This was a cake for my nephew who loves anything “Army”. I came up with the idea to make him a Tank cake. The inside is camouflage colors…pretty neat trick! The bottom tier is a chocolate box cake mix baked in a 9*13 pan. I trimmed the edged to make it a bit more narrow … Read more

Easy Homemade Army Tank Cake with Chocolate Wafer Tracks

Homemade Army Tank Cake

Bake two sheet cakes and two 5″ diameter round cakes for this Army tank cake. Cool. Layer sheet cakes and place chocolate frosting in between. Place one round cake in center. Trim second round to 3″ diameter and place on top of larger round, placing chocolate frosting in between. Cover and place in refrigerator to … Read more

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake Picture Gallery 3

I baked the cake in a 13×9 pan and cut approximately 1/3 off to use for the top of the tank. Frosted it green, swirled some army-ish colors on it to make it look camouflage, and stuck a candy stick in it for the big gun. I then put my sons initials and age on … Read more

Coolest Army Cake Ideas for Tanks 7

I made this army cake for a birthday party where I used a whole camouflage theme for the table as well. The army tank cake seemed to be the perfect fit. The bottom portion of the cake was a 9×13 pan and the top was portion is a loaf pan. However I cut the loaf … Read more

Cool Homemade Army Tank Cake with Cookie Track Wheels

Tank Cake

I did this tank cake for my son’s 4th birthday party. I took ideas from different cakes from this website. What really made the cake and impressed the cake eaters was the camo. cake on the inside. I baked two 9 x 13 cakes, and one in a loaf pan. I mixed up 6 cake … Read more

Easy Homemade Tank Cake Design

Tank Cake

I looked at the other cakes made on this website and used ideas I saw here (thanks everyone!). The bottom layer is 9X13 and the top is an 8X8 (cut in proportion to the bottom layer). Inside it was a four layer (cut using dental floss) spice cake with cream cheese frosting but the outside … Read more

Easy Green Homemade Army Tank Cake with Plastic Army Figure

Homemade Army Tank Cake

I made this army tank cake for my son’s 9th Army birthday party. I actually came to this very site for ideas. I always use box cakes. I used 2 boxes for this cake & two store bought tubs of frosting. To get that army green color I mixed dark green & black food coloring. … Read more

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake Picture Gallery 4

To make the cake, I used 2 box mixes. I used my P.C. stoneware roasting pan lid for the base and my P.C. stoneware loaf pan for the top. Once the cakes were cooled, I placed the loaf on top, slightly to the back of the base. I then froze them overnight. The next day … Read more

Coolest Army Cake Ideas for Tanks 8

I used a 9×13 glass pan to make the bottom layer and then I used a loaf pan to make the top layer of this army cake. I also made cupcakes and used one of the cupcakes to make a lid for the top of the tank. I used Oreo cookies on the side for … Read more