Creative DIY Army Tank Cake

We made this tank cake for my son’s 11th Birthday Bash! We had an Army/battle theme and thought a tank was the best choice for a homemade cake. We found a lot of ideas on this website and played around to make the cake our own!

First, we baked a 9×13 cake (vanilla w/ green food coloring) and a loaf pan with a chocolate cake. We froze them to make the cutting and icing easier. We used chocolate icing as a crumb coat on both cakes and used chocolate and white icing to mix up the colors to camouflage the tank.

We created four bowls of icing (tan, black, green and dark brown.) We used icing bags to squeeze squiggles of color and once all the spaces were filled in, we wet the tip of our fingers and pressed the colors together. (Caution: be careful to not use so much water that the color drips.)

We used a cookie ‘stick’ to create the cannon on the front of the tank. We ‘painted’ it with black icing and froze it until right before we served the cake. The hatch was half of a sandwich cookie propped up on the back of half of a toy Army man. The wheels were Oreo cookies and the tracks were black licorice pieces. (We bought a bag of licorice pieces, but they were a little large in diameter, so I would recommend buying black licorice Twizzlers and cutting them to size.)

We made the chocolate American Flag with a candy mold, milk chocolate candy melts and a lollipop stick. The ‘dirt’ is crushed vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies sprinkled around on the cake board.

7 thoughts on “Creative DIY Army Tank Cake”

  1. This is an awesome cake! You are extremely talented and creative! My son’s birthday is next month, and I was considering buying a cake from the store, but I think I will try my hand at making one! Thanks!

  2. What a great cake! I love it. I’m going to have to try something like that for my son that will be turning 11 next month. Thanks for the tips.


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