Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake

My grandson wanted an Army Tank Birthday Cake for his 6th birthday. I did know where to start, so I went online and found After looking at photos of Army tank cakes, I felt confident enough to come up with my version of an army tank. I hope you like it as much as my grandson,family and friends.

I used three cake mixes for the entire cake. The bottom of tank was two cake mixes in a 16x12x2 cake pan, one cake mix for the top and middle in a 8×8 square pan and a 6in. round pan (use 1/2 cake mix in each pan). I then assembled the cake, cut out a piece from each bottom end to look like a tank, and I used strawberry filling in the middle of each tier.

To frost cake my cake my son and I used four 16oz.of pre-made white buttercream frosting, which I tinted a khaki color. After frosting the entire cake my son then used Wilton Color Mist spray in green and black and sprayed it all over the cake to make it look camouflaged. For the treads on the tank we used black licorice and Oreo cookies for the wheels. I used a Piouette Cookie (Pepperidge Farm) for the cannon.

We then used Army men to decorate the cake, we inserted one army man at the top, I used black frosting to look like a hole on the top of tank and inserted the army man to his waist and propped an Oreo cookie to resemble a door hatch. We also colored around cake board and spread crushed Oreo cookies to look like dirt around tank.

For the finish a U.S Flag which I printed and glued on a skewer stick. We glue gunned flag on army man and stood it on cake board with glue gun.

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