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Coolest Homemade Army Tank Cake with I.D. Tags

My neighbor asked me to make her son a military cake and so I put this Army Tank Cake together from a bunch of ideas on the internet. It’s 90% edible except the soldier on top and the wooden dowel covered in fondant for the gun.

To make the ID tags I used silver edible beads layed on top of #3 Wilton icing. For the tracks I cleaned my son’s toy and rolled his tank tracks over the fondant. It was a great hit and the fondant was easy to take off if one piece for those who didn’t want the vanilla fondant taste.

I also used graham cracker crumbs for the sand. For the whole cover I cut the circle out and used a toothpick to keep it upright. I’m not really good with fondant so this is really for an easy cake for a novice to make.

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