I was surprised by my daughter, Jammie Hatfield. She told me she was pregnant. Well, grandma wanted to host the baby shower for her. And, that started it all! I asked her what kind of cake or theme she wanted . Previous, to this ,I started following my daughter’s friends on the Pintrest site. So,I thought, I would start there.

She and I looked and started pinning baby things. She only picked a few cakes out . One was a baby playpen, a diaper bag and a baby bottom. She really liked the baby bottom cake . So, that was the one I decided on. I went to the website, all it had was pictures of it . No directions ! I went to other websites with no results.  I  called  Walmart, Dillons and little Mom and Pop bakeries, no luck. I even Googled, nothing but pictures. So, I was on my own to figure it out.

I was at the point I told her that I would just buy her a shower cake. But, the thought, was stuck in my mind, I’m determined..I will do this! Ok, so, I wanted to know what this fondant was and what you could do with it.  I Googled it. I made my first try at it, tutorial it didn’t go so well. I tried a different tutorial and it worked with a little practice and a few late nights in the kitchen.

It was the fondant you make with marshmallows, very easy to do. I used 3 boxes of cake mix. The inside of the cake was a faded zebra stripes, all pink in color. So, I thought I’ll just shape the baby bottom and add color to it. It worked! All the while, my daughter had no idea I had the cake made. Practicing a few late nights in the kitchen, and rolling the fondant out to cover the cake. My older daughter and I  started the trim on the cake with butter cream frosting and a few decorations on it, and she  polished it off with all  the beautiful decorations.

We only had a few hours to do this.  My daughter came from Oklahoma to help in this process with all her kids. All her kids were involved in it too. Kids in the kitchen, little eye balls at table level watching every little movement we made. My nerves were a wreck. And all the while my daughter Jessica, kept me together until 2 0r 3 am when we finished this perfect project!

The guest at the shower asked where we bought it at? That was the best feeling ever. I’ve always like decorating anything. I always put my best into it, although the writing could have been a little better.