Coolest Baby Elmo Birthday Cake

Baby Elmo was made for my grandson. I used a large sheet cake pan, doubled the cakes and for the baby Elmo, I used Pyrex bowls medium and small for the head a small square cake pan was used for the gift he had in his hands and lots of icing was made ahead to supply this Elmo.

I enjoyed making this for my grandson and I know he enjoyed eating it. Lots of games were enjoyed by the many children that attended . Water games  were available for each child. and all enjoyed the pool.  Needless to say again, I will try another adventure to please my grandchildren on the very special day they celebrate.  All the icing was homemade of butter cream and the colors I use as always (Wilton-gel).  The only thing I hope when you try a large cake, 3-D, I hope the weather isn’t 95, hot and sticky!

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