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Sweet Homemade Baby Blanket Cake for a Baby Shower

The baby shower cake was created for a lady that is my co-worker and going to be a grandma for the first time. The mom-to-be had picked out dark pink brown and pale green for her colors.  The only problem with that is not what grandma wanted for shower so we used the dark pink for the onesie and pastel yellow and green. The cake was adored by everyone that attended the shower and the mom-to-be kept the top part to freeze and have  for the baby’s first birthday party.

The bottom layer of the cake was a marble cake, decorated with white butter creme icing and the top layer is white cake with dark pink butter creme icing.  The bottom cake decorations were made of homemade fondant that was molded in different baby items, bottles, booties, rocking horse, safety pin, and were hand painted to detail them.  The onesie cake was hand cut to reveal a onesie and the icing was the hardest part do to the humidity weather we were having at the time of decorating. Getting the lines and baby items on the cake and to get it to look like a blanket under onesie was a little bit hard but was very pleased with the finished product.

But the real challenge was delivering this cake it was on a full sheet pad and I drive a sports Jeep that you have to let the back seat down to haul anything. and there is a latch in the middle of the floor.  So used pillows and beach towels to cover the latch.  Than had to deliver the cake down rough roads  & railroad tracks the first  24 miles before being loaded into the back of a Nissan car that is a sport model and travel another 18 miles so the cake has traveled over 50 miles and was still in very good shape.

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