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Coolest Baby Shower Quilt Cake

I made this Baby Shower Quilt cake for a friend’s niece’s baby shower. We chose plates and decorations with the BABY block image on them. The border of the plates looked like a quilt, so that was my theme for the cake.

I baked 2 half-sheet cakes, one chocolate and one white. I used canned cream cheese icing for the filling because it’s so simple. I made my own icing for the rest of the cake. I needed a lot of different tips and colors, so it was a little bit of a process to use five colors. Thank goodness for couplers. They make life so much easier.

I did a pattern transfer for the BABY. That means I traced the letters and squares from the plate onto a piece of waxed paper. Then, I traced over the design with something called “piping gel” onto the waxed paper. Then, I flipped the waxed paper over so the gel was touching the cake. I gently pressed down over all of the gel to transfer the gel from the waxed paper onto the cake. Then, I could trace over it again with the desired colors of icing. It’s the greatest technique, you just have to make sure you trace it the right way to avoid transferring it backwards.

I divided the outside border into squares. Then, I just made up quilt squares using different colors and tips and designs. Later, I traced over the lines with piped white icing.

For the bottom border, I used leftover colored icing in a 1M tip to make the shell border. I used a different color for each side of the cake.

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  1. Have looked at literally hundred of cakes for a baby shower (daughter in law.) I keep coming back to this one over and over again. Have changed it slightly…instead of BABY, it says MADDIE (written across middle in white panel.) Also have added a tiny pair of pink doll shoes above her name. Still looks like the same cake as far as the quilt squares, pastel colors and designs. I have seen other “quilt” cakes, but this one really TAKES THE CAKE! A beautiful and stunning job! Thank you for this wonderful idea!


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