Coolest Backhoe Cake

My son was turning 3 and nothing suited him better than a Backhoe cake. I got my basic ideas from this site and went from there. I started by baking cakes- one in a large loaf pan and 2 in small loaf pans. I cut the end off the loaf pan cake to make the body shorter and used half a mini-loaf cake for the cab.

I used the other half of the mini-loaf to make the front scoop- I hollowed it out with a spoon. I used the corner of the second mini-loaf cake to make the back bucket. I had almost a whole mini-loaf cake left over, but at least I had a “Second Chance” if I messed up.

I made cream cheese frosting and colored it with regular food coloring. (It didn’t seem to thin my frosting out too much like some people warn). I used old fashioned stick candy to attach the front scoop and a chocolate “Cow Tail” to attach the back bucket.

I used M&M’s for lights and a pretzel stick for a smoke stack. The front wheels are Oreo’s and the back wheels are Little Debbie Fudge Rounds.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Backhoe Cake”

  1. My son will be turning 3 in August and he loves backhoes, actually I am getting a toy backhoe as his birthday gift, that’s how I came about baking a backhoe shape birthday cake. I hope he loves it.


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