Coolest Backpack and Map Birthday Cake

My daughter watches Dora all the time, so what better way to celebrate her 2nd birthday than to have a Backpack and Map Birthday Cake. I made two 13×9 cakes, I used one as the base and the other (placing it on top of the base) I cut out in the shape of Backpack from a coloring page I printed off. I used two containers of icing in total.

Half I colored light purple and iced the Backpack (not map) and then I darkened the purple to do the shading. I then used only about a couple of tablespoons of icing (l t. yellow) to color map. What’s left I darkened that up to do the eyebrows of Backpack, after I used a toothpick to lightly draw out the face in the icing. I used a baggie to decorate the features (mouth, eyes, pupils, inside of map and eyebrows) and on all the colors I only used about a tablespoon of icing.

I then used black to outline everything. The hardest was the map, it took a little while and a little clean up but if you follow a picture or like me a coloring page it will look fine. Wheewww, the hardest part is done now its time to pick a color and decorate the base with the remaining icing.

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