Coolest Backyardigans Cake

My daughter loves The Backyardigans so there was no doubt what her 2 yr old birthday party was going to be. This Backyardigans cake took a lot of time because of all the little details. I wanted to make a scene of the Backyardigans backyard.

I used the stand up house cake pan for the house. I piped the siding on with buttercream icing and made the shutters, windows, door, shingles, and steps out of fondant and colored them with edible markers. I also made the rocks, flowers and the flower bed out of fondant. The flower bed behind Pablo was actually a Reese cup and I colored two black lines to make it look like one of those wood flower pots.

On the flower pots/beds I piped green icing and stuck the fondant flowers on them and also on the piped grass in the yard. The fondant flowers also had yellow nonpareils sprinkles in the middle. The sandbox was made out of fondant as well tinted in red. I used brown sugar for the sand and hand made the shovel and pail out of fondant to put inside it. The trees were made out of sugar cookies. I rolled out the cookie dough and used a hand drawn tree pattern and cut them out and baked them. (Don’t make the pattern too thick because the trees get fat when they bake.) I then piped the brown bark for the trees and put leaf sprinkles on them.

I had to put rods in the house because it started to lean and I used Popsicle sticks to help hold the trees up. I bought the figurines from birthday express.

My daughter loved her cake and every time the show was on she would say something about her cake.

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  1. This was a great idea! It turned out awesome! I always come on this site to find ideas for my kids cakes (I’m not very creative!) and as soon as my son saw this cake, he wanted it! Thanks a lot!


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