Coolest Backyardigans Race Cake

My son loves the Backyardigans but his favourite episode is “race around the world” so I thought I would base the cake on that!

The Characters: each character is out of rice krispie squares. I just made them into balls for the head and body and then shaped them based on each character. Then covered them in icing and then fondant. I had to keep the body parts together with toothpicks. Then the legs, arms, hands and feet were just formed with fondant. Toothpicks were also used to keep these on. Black icing dye was used for the details in the face and the shoes.

The Cake: this is an 11×15 cake. I doubled the recipe for the first layer and then again for the second. First and second layer have chocolate pudding in the centre and are covered with icing. Then each quarter the the top was covered with it’s own sheet of fondant to keep the colours separate. Green section has toy trees and I used the grass icing tip to add some texture, also there is a pathway of brown icing. Gummy butterflies are in with the trees. White section was smeared with white icing to give the appearance of snow. Blue section was covered with blue gel icing for water with a fondant water buoy and a gummy shark and candy fish. Brown section has a toy cactus and brown sugar over the top with a little bit of grass and chocolate rocks.

It’s one of my coolest cakes!

Homemade Backyardigans Race Cake

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