Coolest Ballerina Bear Birthday Cake

My daughter and I got the idea for this Ballerina Bear Birthday Cake from the Wilton website. She is very into ballet and all her presents were ballet themed. So this cake was perfect.

I hired the cake tin, I made one and a half packet mixes as apposed to the 2 it recommended. It turned out perfect height.

I used a buttercream icing made with half butter and half copha, it was a perfect piping consistency (however it was quite hot when I decorated the cake and had to keep the icing in the fridge when not being used otherwise it went too soft).

I decorated the cake with a piping bag and star nozzle. I piped little stars all over the cake, starting with all the pink bits then the brown. Then finished it off with the shell outline on the board. Once this was complete I drew the outline with store bought gel.

My daughter and entire family absolutely loved the cake, it was a real shame to have to cut her.

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