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Coolest Bananagrams Cake

My boyfriend’s mother loves Bananagrams and we play almost every time I am at his home. Bananagrams is a great game to play with the whole family. It is a face-paced thinking game that is similar to scrabble, but much more fun. It comes as no surprise that this game is a favorite of many.

For her birthday I decided to encompass her love for the game and made her a Bananagrams Cake. The cake is two sculpted layers, modeled in the shape of the bag the game in stored in which is in the shape of a banana. The cake itself is a spiced banana cake, which adds to the fun as the cake both looks and tastes like a banana. There is also a layer of homemade chocolate syrup holding the layers together.

The yellow icing is a vanilla butter cream died bright yellow. The brown is a chocolate butter cream colored with coco powder. After icing the body of the cake in yellow butter cream, I piped on the brown details including the Bananagrams logo. The tile playing pieces are made of cut banana chips, further playing on the theme. The writing on the tiles is piped chocolate butter cream.

Everyone loved the cake, and we celebrated by playing a few rounds of Bananagrams.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Bananagrams Cake”

  1. Truly amazing! I play bananagrams all the time and bananas are my favorite fruit (pretty much the only one I eat) so this cake really hits home for me. I love it! Great job Ms. Bananagrams Cake.


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