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Pretty Homemade Pink Barbie Dress Birthday Cake

I made this Barbie Birthday Cake for my niece’s 4th birthday. I made the cake in two different pans. For the bottom part of the dress I baked the cake in a 8 inch (3 inch deep) pan. I then used a glass Pyrex bowl for the top part of the dress. After I layered and filled each of the cakes I stacked and carved the cake in the shape I wanted for the dress. I then put a light coat of buttercream on the cake.

I used a real Barbie doll, I wrapped her legs in plastic wrap and inserted her into the cake. Make sure to wash the Barbie legs thoroughly as well. I then began to apply the fondant dress to the cake and tried to match it to the colors on the Barbie bodice. I added buttercream swirls to the dress to accentuate it when I was done. I also painted part of the dress with a pink pearl dust to give it a glittery look. And lastly I made gumpaste daisies and placed then around the bottom of Barbie’s dress.

All in all it was a fun cake to make and my niece loved it!

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