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Coolest Barbie Cake

I was asked to make this cake for a friend’s daughter. She saw the Barbie cake I made my granddaughter, Brooke, and she said her daughter insisted on having the same one.

I started by making 3 x 8″ round cakes. When they were cold, I cut a small circle out of each cake. I filled each layer with jam and buttercream as I assembled the cake.

I carved the cake into a dome for the dress shape, covered it in buttercream and let it chill. I then covered the cake board in green icing and pressed flower shapes around the edge of the cake board. Using white modeling paste, I cut out five circles with a garret friller and made the frills for the front of the dress. I formed the frills into a triangle and then attached them.

In order to get the doll to sit correctly in the cake, I wrapped her hips in fondant. I also covered her bodice in fondant once she was sitting nicely.

For the dress, I colored my fondant pink. I rolled it out and attached it one piece at a time, curling the edge to the inside to make it look like a pleat. I placed the two front edges first, leaving room for the white frills at the front of the dress, and then worked my way around the back. Once the skirt was attached, I cut out lots of small pink flowers and attached these to the front edges of the skirt, the neckline and hip line of the dress. I couldn’t resist adding small edible pearls to the center of every flower. I also attached pearl balls to the back of the bodice of the dress for buttons.

For the bow, I used white modeling paste and attached it and four tails to the front of the dress. I placed a circle of white icing to the center of the bow and attached a small pink flower with a pearl to finish it off.

I couldn’t leave Barbie without any accessories! A small, white bangle was perfect for her wrist. To tie Barbie’s hair, I used a pink flower and a pearl ball with a small piece of fine ribbon.

For the finishing touches, I made a number 6 sprinkled with glitter, an oval plaque with the name Sienna, and four butterflies. I attached these to the cake once they hardened, and Barbie was complete!


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