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Cute Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake for My Niece

This Barbie Birthday Cake was a cake for my little niece Ella. She was so excited for a Barbie cake, so my first stop was to check this website for ideas. This website is the best for birthday cake ideas.

I started by baking a 12-inch white cake for the base, then a funfetti base for Miss Barbie. I then stumbled upon one of the new 4 cup Pyrex measuring cups. I filled that with white cake mix then flipped it over for the dress. I covered the base with purple butter cream frosting, and then the funfetti base is covered with yellow butter cream stars. Around both bases I wrapped a thin red licorice around both.

For the dress, I covered it with butter cream, then added some pink coloring to white fondant and worked that till the shade I wanted, and then draped that over the Pyrex mold. I folded the dress in certain areas and added store bought daisies around the dress for show {and to hide some blemishes, shhh secret!} Then I dipped a q-tip in water and painted the dress to look shimmery.

I then wrapped Barbie in plastic wrap like suggested, and jammed the poor girl through the Pyrex mold, the funfetti and the 12-inch base. Barbie is pretty tall! I then piped in the top of the dress with buttercream small stars and wrapped a licorice necklace around. Then I baked some store bought sugar cookie dough, scribbled my niece’s name on them and sunk them into the front of the cake and TaDa!

So thanks to my lil helpers Zach, Kelsey and Jaime, we made the Coolest Barbie Ella 4th Birthday Cake.

3 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake for My Niece”

  1. Dear Mr. Jim D,
    That is the “COOLEST” Barbie Birthday Cake I have EVER SEEN!!!! You are one unbelievable cake boss :) please post more of your cakes!!! you have a talent that needs to be unleashed!!!


    your soon to be favorite fan


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