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Pretty Homemade Barbie Cake with Fondant Frills

I made a chocolate fudge cake in a 15cm tin and also one in a Pyrex pudding basin for this Barbie Cake. I then layered the cakes with chocolate gnashe filling mixed with vanilla buttercream, all homemade.

I took the legs of a doll (which were wrapped with her clothes and given separately) and inserted a wooden kebab stick into her(ouch!). I then inserted this into the pudding basin cake which was now layered onto the 15cm cake.

I butter creamed the whole cake and set it in the fridge to cool. I then covered the whole skirt part of the cake with homemade fondant icing and draped it so it looked like folds in the skirt. I made a bodice for her and then decorated it with little cut-out fondant flowers.

I frilled some fondant for the front of her skirt. I made a sash for her from a piece of florists ribbon, on which I wrote the greeting and put the candles on the board. This was my first attempt at a Barbie Cake.

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