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Coolest Boston Red Socks Cap Birthday Cake

My friend Blair loves the Redsocks. So I wanted to surprise him for his birthday and make him a Boston Red Socks Cap Birthday Cake. I found a few ideas on this site but like any cake you modify it as you go.

I baked a cake in a 9inch Pyrex glass bowl. I read that is was had to get cooked all the way through. So I decided to only fill it half way. This gave me the curved shape at the top. And to get the height I baked 2 9inch cakes and frosted and stacked them and placed the bowl cake in top.

The brim of the hat was made by placing only enough batter in a 9inch pan to cover the bottom. I wanted it to be thin enough to look correct. I cut the thin cake the same curve of the cake and placed it in front of the stacked cake. But it was a little flat so I made a wedge from the scraps and placed it under the brim to give it the curve of the bill.

I frosted it in blue frosting and used the decorating gel to make the B logo and seams on the hat.

The baseball was made by baking 2 cakes using the 4″ Pyrex bowls. I sprayed the bowls with Pam. A lot easier to cook because they are small. I stacked the 2 halves and frosted it in white and used red gel for the lines. A great cake for any baseball fan.

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