Coolest Basket of Roses

This basket of roses is my mother-in-laws 60th birthday cake I had made. She loves flowers so I decided to make this.

I stacked three layers of vanilla sponge cake and put butter cream in between each and used a serrated knife to cut them into a dome for the basket. Once it was turned right way up I used a small plate to mark a circle and scooped out a small amount the cake. I crumb coated the cake then piped it all using a weaving nozzle (No )I left a section so I could have the roses cascading down the side.

To make to roses I started with a small cone of fondant. Using my ball tool I flattened a tiny ball of fondant into a petal and wrapped it round the cone to make a ‘C’ shape. To make petals you should have three tiny balls then five slightly bigger then seven balls and flatten them using the ball tool and overlap each petal till you have the required size of rose. Edible glue is good for sticking the petals together.

The 60 is bought from Hobbycraft.

I finished the cake of with thin pieces of violet fondant to look like material wrapped around the basket.

Hope you all like it.

Homemade Basket of Roses

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