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Spring Roses Cake for an 80th Birthday Party

This cake is a 2 layer 6″ round and a 2 layer 10″ round, lemon flavored cake with marshmallow butter cream filling.

Before baking cake, make the roses.  These are time consuming so allow yourself a day or two to make these. Combine fondant with gum paste, just enough to make it workable so it doesn’t harden too quickly.  Then I used gels to color portions in the colors I needed to make the roses. I the center of the rose start with a teardrop shaped piece of dough and for the petals, roll the mixture out thin and use various sized cookie cutters to cut the petal sizes needed. Only do one petal at a time. Make sure you keep the paste you are not working with covered with plastic wrap, or it will start to harden.  To make the petals, it would be best if you looked on the internet for a video tutorial, as it is too hard to explain without watching. I found one quite easily, so I’m sure you will too.

I baked the lemon cakes and filled the layers with the butter cream. Then I did a crumb coat on the outside of both cakes.  I then covered them in fondant. To keep your fondant from bubbling (getting air pockets, slip a knife under the bottom of the cake to vent out any air.  You can use this method to smooth out a bubble too.

The diamond lines were done by hand, they were very tricky, but you can get a silicone mat that wraps around your cake to make the lines. Or you can measure them out – not easy.  I used melted chocolate to do the dots.  I did put dowels in the cake on the bottom to support the top cake.  I used edible glue to attach the flowers to the cake.