Coolest Sunflower Birthday Cake

My son loves Sunflowers, so we made this Sunflower Birthday Cake for Grandma for her birthday. It is so easy to decorate! No cake decorating tips need.


Use 2 cake mixes – one chocolate and yellow.

For the center of the sunflower, take an 8″ round cake pan and bake only 1/2 of the cake batter. After the cake cools, remove from pan and cut about 1/2 inch off all around so the center is actually around 7 inches wide. One thing I did while it baked was as the cake started to peak in the middle, I took it out of the oven and banged it on the stove to make it fall, so that I could get the center to cave a little and it would look more like the shape of the center of a sunflower (sort of caved in the middle).

For the petals, bake a yellow cake mix in a 9×13 oblong cake pan. Let cool. Remove from pan and cut off the top to level out the cake. Flip over to make the bottom the top. Each petal will be about 2 inches wide by about 4 1/2 inches long. Make a paper cut-out pattern and cut all the petals out. You should get 11 petals out of your cake.

Arrange your petals around the round center to get an idea of how it will fit and how much space to leave when you put it together later with the icing.


Using the large round platter that you intend to present this on, put your round chocolate cake in the middle and frost. I used about 2/3 container of chocolate icing for the center of the flower. Ice it entirely. Then I used 1 whole shaker container of chocolate sprinkles on top. Basically cover the top, lightly pressing to make them stick.

Then I used 2 containers of vanilla icing tinted yellow to ice each petal. Ice them one at a time. Completely cover them, smoothing out some, but you don’t have to be perfect because it looks better when it is rough. As you finish each petal, on the top surface, run the end of the knife in a curved line from the base of the petal to the tip about 5-6 times to create the look of the petal. Transfer each to your finished platter as they are iced.

That’s it! No other finishing decorating necessary, no outlining, it all looks great! This is the easiest cake I have ever decorated!

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  1. What a cute cake! I LOVE IT! I am planning to make it for my sister-in-law’s birthday and she will (hopefully) love it! :) Thank you for the wonderful ideas and for the clear explanation!! I was so thankful to find a decorative cake that did not require any real tools! I sure appreciate the time you spent posting this. Thank you kindly! :)


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