Coolest Pot Of Roses Cake

I made this pot of roses cake for my auntie Roseline’s birthday, hence the roses.

Cake: the pot is made from one well risen 10inch chocolate cake, (you could make this from one well risen 8 inch or stacking 2 8inch cakes for a smaller pot). I did a butter icing filling, and iced the outside (also with butter icing). I then colored the remaining butter cream green (with gel coloring) and piped grass on top of pot using ‘grass tip’ (looks like a thimble with holes in top).

For the pot: I colored some shop bought fondant icing blue with gel food coloring (tip: the dough hooks on your hand blender take are brill for this – saving your muscles!), measured how tall the side of my cake was and then rolled out the icing until about a 1/4 thick & cut to measure for pot sides. I then left the strip to dry for an hour or two so it wouldn’t collapse. Once this was suitably dry but still pliable, I put round the cake, joining at the back with a little brush of water on one strip end, and sticking the other one over this.

For the Roses: I colored some gum paste red (Mexican modeling paste/flower paste works too) rolled out little strips and carefully rolled them up, pinching at one end and splaying out the top to look like petals. I added extra petals to this by rolling the gum paste into a little ball, squashing with my thumb so it was flat then adding this onto the outside of my flower roll (can build this up with a few petals for a big open flower look). These need to dry overnight (I used an egg box to keep them upright to stop squashing on sides).

For sparkles: I used edible glitter (in magenta) and I just brushed the flower petal tips with a little alcohol (vodka) and dipped/rolled them in a glitter heap. I also sprinkled some white glitter on top of the grass.

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