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Coolest Beach Baby Shower Cake

The Mommy-to-be loves the beach and she loves chocolate so I made a milk chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and added mini-chocolate chips. I used one box of cake mix divided by a round pan, an oval pan and two mini-round pans to create levels of the sand castle (I used dowels between layers to help support the cake).

I covered the Beach Baby Shower Cake in butter-cream frosting tinted with copper and brown (to create as close to sand-color as possible).

For the “sand” I put vanilla wafers into a blender on the chop cycle. I made a mixture of the ground wafers, brown sugar and sugar in the raw. I used a sifter to dust the frosted cake for a sand effect. It was a little challenging to get the sand to stick so I basically molded the cake with my hands as I would a real sand castle.

To create the “towers” I used ice cream cones (squared & cone shaped) covered in frosting and then rolled/molded with the sand mixture.

The shells were created using vanilla melts (with delphinium blue tint) and placed in Wilton shell molds. The baby was created using fondant.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Beach Baby Shower Cake”

  1. I really like how you did your beach cake..The idea of the cookie crumbs and the sugar looks like real sand..Good job!!

  2. This was such a fun and unique cake. Fit the beach theme perfectly and I loved the sand castle and little baby! Keep up the great work!


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