Coolest Beach Cake

My friends had recently gotten back from a holiday in Thailand so we had a joint belated birthday party for them. I’d like to thank all the previous ‘beach cake’ submissions on this site as I combined a whole heap of information and ideas from them all to come up with this one!

The cake was just a butter cake and then I covered it all with butter cream – half blue and half white. The blue half was easy to do as you could do it really messy so it looked like waves! I then added white tips to some of the waves. I used crushed up (vitamised) plain teddy bear biscuits and brown sugar for the sand (over the white butter cream)- and word of warning – it went everywhere! I did this bit last! It was really hard to stick the sea shells on after the sand went on as there was nothing for it to stick too – so next time I wouldn’t put the sand on the edges.

I had made the decorations about a week in advance. I had a mold for the sea shells. I made beach towels, beer bottles, wine glasses, star fish, fish and dolphins. On the day I also made seaweed from green fondant and used color cashews for the coral. I had made my own surfboards but found these ones in the cake decorating shop and they looked better so I used them instead. A friend loaned me the palm tree and I used a cocktail umbrella for the umbrella.

My friends loved it and the kids even more so!

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