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Cool Homemade Beach Birthday Cake for my Husband’s 30th

The other beach cakes on this site inspired me to a Beach Birthday Cake for my husband’s 30th birthday. When he saw it he absolutely LOVED it! His family and friends liked it so much I got an order to do another birthday cake.

For this cake I made 2 13×9 sheet cakes with a thin layer white frosting in between. I frosted half the cake with white frosting and dyed the remaining frosting blue. Which was applied liberally to the other half of the cake with a whip like motion to create the wave-like affect.

I used crushed graham crackers as the sand and poured it over the white frosting. I used blue jell icing to write the Happy 30th.

My non-edible decor. The beach chair was made out of paper and tooth picks, the Bud Light cans were made out of paper (used a pen to make the can shape and top), the wooden man, flip-flops and palm trees and the oversized umbrella(the steam was a lot longer then the traditional drink umbrella).

My edible decor. The blue towel and beach shorts were made from Raspberry Laffy Taffy, the orange ring tube is an orange gummy candy (forgot the brand) and the white volleyball was a coconut flavored sucker (the steam was placed into the cake).

I really enjoyed making this cake. It was easy and a lot of fun. I hope my cake inspires you to try it out. And you can make the beach scene your own.

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