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Coolest Beach Theme Birthday Cake

This is a homemade beach theme birthday cake I made for a friend’s surprise birthday party. I’d seen a couple similar to this online, but added my own flair to represent the guest of honor.

It’s two 10″ cakes, one yellow, one devil’s food, with a layer of fudge filling in between. It’s frosted with homemade buttercream that was dyed with Wilton food coloring, allowed to set on the sides and then smoothed out. I then created the beach out of crushed vanilla sandwich cookies, and added more blue frosting to look like waves. The flip flops, beach chair, blanket, seashells, and starfish are all hand-sculpted out of marshmallow fondant.

I waited for the “waves” to set, and then painted the tips with darker blue food coloring, and then with white buttercream to look more realistic. Everything on this homemade beach theme birthday cake is edible except for the umbrella and beach sign. I also made over 100 matching beach cupcakes.

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